Jeff Morris Presentation

A couple weeks ago I attended a lecture from Jeff Morris, Vice President of Communications and Marketing at K-State. Two of his colleagues, a PR Writer and PR Director, were there to accompany Morris. The whole lecture was about a typical day in the life of their different PR positions here at K-State. Now this has been something I was always interested in, to know what a typical day would be like in the PR world. I have never shadowed anyone in a professional world, and none of my other PR classes had ever touched on it, so I was excited to here from real life professionals about some of the stuff they did.

The speakers had a planned PowerPoint presentation that started from 8 a.m., when they arrived to work, to 4 p.m. and even sometimes later. Throughout the whole day, the PR writer creates new releases, tweets, and gathers university information, and sets up interviews. To me that sounds like a lot of dirty work, and maybe that’s just because I’m not into writing news releases and articles. Although I it would be interesting to interview all sorts of people, I don’t think it would be the job for me. The next position was the PR Director. His day consists of more responsibility such as managing the PR writers, communicating with Jeff, and dealing with crises. I think this would be a much more manageable position for me, because I like being a leader, but I also like being apart of the team. The last position talked about was the Jeff’s job, Vice President. From what I picked up, his day consists of drinking coffee, meetings, and fabulous dinners. Of course that’s not all he does, but still, a pretty sweet gig if you ask me.

So when I left the presentation, I had a little more clarity on what I wanted my future to be in PR. I realized I definitely do not want to be a writer, but I also realized I definitely want to work in a team.


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