Agility Solutions Co., Internship Presentation

We all know how closely related the fields of Marketing and Public Relations are. On Tuesday, September 25th I attended a presentation by a company named Agility Solutions that was very interesting, and I wanted to share it with everyone. Agility Solutions was created in Denver by a couple of K-State graduates, and now is a multi-million dollar company and named one of the fastest growing companies in Denver a few years in a row. Out of 40 current employees, 8 are K-State graduates. I attended this presentation because they were looking for marketing interns, and was just curious what they were all about.

                What Agility Solutions does is known as “profit assurance consultancy.” In other words, if your company thinks it is missing money somewhere, through situations like forgetting to bill clients, their company goes in and uses date analytics to find where you are missing money. The best part, if they don’t find anything, you don’t pay them. They take 25 cents of every dollar they find for you, which essentially is nothing because if they hadn’t found the money for you you’d be losing it all anyway. It’s a win/win situation.

                During their presentation they presented three different case studies to show how their company worked. The first was with a Healthcare provider. The company had been billing incorrectly and was missing over 1 million in charges. This was money that Agility Solutions was able to get back for them using data analytics and a good research and marketing team. The second case study was an oil and gas company that used a truck line to transfer the oil. The truck line was having their employees double bill (to two different oil and gas providers) when it should have been billed once and split in half. Through research they were able to find that the trucking company was billing for over 24 hours in a day. This led to a current litigation that is ongoing, but is finding millions of dollars in over-billing. The third was a telecommunications company that was not making the margins they hoped. Agility Solutions found that they weren’t billing their customers correctly and not only saved over 1 million in disputes, but also increased their revenue by $50,000 monthly.

                This was a very interesting presentation and it was pretty crazy to see this new field that is now in need of great marketing people to show that every business should use a company like this to find money that they should have, but don’t. Having a good communications, research and marketing background seems to becoming an essential for almost any job (even things like data analytics and IT), and that was made evident to me through this presentation.


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