Samantha Carter, Integrated Communications Program Manager, Midwest Dairy Association

On Monday, September 24th I attended the PowercatPR (PRSSA) meeting with guest speaker Samantha Carter. Ms. Carter is the Integrated Communications Program Manager for the Midwest Dairy Association. She spoke to us about what it is like to be a PR person in the “real world”, and some of the correct steps in transitioning from college to your career.

                In the beginning of the presentation, Ms. Carter told us what she does as the integrated communications program manager. This included almost anything online or dealing with social media within the company. She also has had to deal with many video projects and writing, and has also helped to design an android application that turns a personal photograph of you into a butter sculpture.

                Although this was all very interesting, I think the most important points of her presentation were when she spoke about transitioning into the PR workforce. The main points she stressed were that what you do as a good student will make you successful in your career as well. This includes not procrastinating, and being attentive and organized. Another thing she stressed is that in PR especially you should expect consistent change. You must always be aware of what the next thing is and be willing to learn and adapt. She said that employees will not go looking for people to take on extra projects or learn new things. You have to be the one willing to go above and beyond, and work outside your comfort zone. She also mentioned that you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have. A few tips she gave us in making an impression during the job search were to know how to write in AP style, to research the position you are applying to, and to proofread your resume and have someone else read it as well.

                I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Carter’s presentation. It was nice to hear a case of someone who has been in our shoes now and knows what the transition into a career is like. All of the tips and strategies she gave us to help us in the PR field were all very valid. I think the best part of her speech was when she showed a picture of herself sleeping during a meeting and said “DO NOT fall asleep during meetings. Someone is always watching you.” Overall it was a good presentation and nice to hear from someone a few years out of college who is in the PR workforce.


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