5 Key Traits of a Successful PR Professional

As per your request, I began following PR professionals on Twitter. One of my favorite accounts to follow is Dave Peck, the lead social media manager at PayPal. He always tweets links to interesting and helpful articles, one in particular caught my eye. He tweeted the link to an article from the PR Daily website, “5 Key Traits of a Successful PR Professional” by John Trader. (I also noticed the author of the article made sure not to include more than 7-9 items on his list, as I’ve learned that the human brain can only retain plus or minus 7 chunks of information at a time.)

The first piece of advice is you have to have thick skin in this industry. They recommended PR professionals prepare themselves for personal and brand criticism, without being easily offended. This is probably the best piece of advice for me because I know that in my career not everyone is going to like the ideas I have or my opinions, but I have to stick by them and be an advocate for myself. Secondly, the article cites attention to detail as a necessary trait. It urges us to make sure we meticulously review our work and carefully plan all communication to the media. You can’t afford to be careless. The third piece of advice is to be creative. As the PR field advances and new technology is developed, everyone is forced to think outside the box and present ideas to clients that are unique. We have to learn to be creative and not stick to the status quo or social norms. The final piece of advice is to build relationships. This is something that has been hammered in to my head since I began my undergraduate degree in PR. It’s all about connections and networking. After speaking with many PR professionals and professors, I’ve learned that grades aren’t everything- it’s more important to build relationships and develop a good rapport among colleagues.

The article proved to be very helpful and gave me ideas of how I can develop myself personally so I can be a solid employee and attain success in my career.


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