Christopher Assaf – Professional Engagement

Christopher Assaf graduated from K-State’s A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications in August of 1992. He is originally from Kansas City, Kansas and attended Shawnee Mission Northwest during his high school years. While Assaf was a student at K-State he worked for the Collegian and Royal Purple Yearbook. He is now working as a photojournalist for the Baltimore Sun.

I recently got the chance to attend a professional engagement where Christopher Assaf was the guest speaker. Assaf came back to K-State to work on a project called A Week At Kansas State: Photographs of College Life. Assaf and others are working on recreating the book of photos just in time to present the book for K-State’s centennial celebration in 2013. Assaf let the audience in on what type of photos he enjoys taking such as, pictures that will help tell a story, moment or mood pictures that will have a more emotional effect on his audience and he is always on the look out for the peak moment that he can capture.

Assaf spoke about being able to adapt in any work environment. He said, “You can’t work your way up the chain anymore.” Change is needed to fit the many roles one might take on with whoever they are employed by. If employees are able to switch work roles within their career they will be considered much more fluid and that will help them excel within the company they are employed.

Assaf also stressed being able to collaborate with a team or coworkers. If people can learn from one another then the goal that is set will be even better accomplished. While people should be diverse to create a multiplatform for their career, they shouldn’t be afraid of finding a niche that might spark interest and help them really excel in a certain area.







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