Jon Chelesnik – Professional Engagement

Jon Chelesnik is a 1989 Kansas State Graduate and founder of Sports Casters Talent Agency of America. Chelesnik wanted to make a career out of helping people so that is what he is doing with his business. His business consists of helping others find jobs or prepare to go into the job market. Chelesnik explained that starting his business was something that was a step-by-step process that he taught himself. He taught himself how to build his own website and other things that people might hire someone to do for them.

I recently got the chance to attend a professional engagement where he was the guest speaker. While talking to A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications students he said, “Social media forces reporters and journalists to be word economists.

Chelesnik spoke about social media and the positive and negative effects it has on journalists and reporters. Social media makes it easier to find stories and to be at the front of the wave because it is a tool that is constantly accessible. It also makes people that you wouldn’t think to be accessible such as celebrities easier to contact. Social media allows the community feelings to be easily seen and understood through the many social media outlets and the greater competition between many journalists and even the general public makes everyone better reporters. Everyone being able to publish their feelings or thoughts within seconds is something that is really great for the public to utilize but it can be a detriment to some if used inappropriately.

If reporters report false information that they received from social media that could kill their credibility and be horrible for their present career and any future employers that see false information attached to their name is not something that will help them get the job. Social media also requires longer work hours because information is constantly being published and there is newsworthy information that needs to be reported. Social media is an excellent tool if used the right way and not used to publish a premature story that might not consist of all the right facts. 


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