2012 PRSSA Conference: Day 1

Despite a 6 a.m. departure from Kansas City, PowercatPR’s brave team of adventurers has just completed their first day of the 2012 PRSSA National Conference in San Francisco! And what a day it has been. It’s surprising how much can get done in a day when your days last upwards of 19 hours. It wasn’t long after the gang checked in at the HI San Francisco Downtown hostel when we were suddenly thrust into a glob of energetic, smiling PR students from around the country. And this isn’t just your mom’s old conference. They put us to work from day one!


 The Kansas State chapter was eager to get to work on crafting some cards for hospitalized children. This was a collective effort being performed by many attendees of the conference.


Following arts and crafts, PowercatPR sat in on various seminars featuring tips on how to improve your chapter, increase your success in an internship, improve governance of your student-run firm and many more. It has been a very long day for us, and everyone is ready for bed after a night of networking and dancing at the conference mixer. Stay tuned for nightly updates on our west coast expedition!


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