2012 PRSSA Conference: Day 2

Our second day in San Francisco started off much sunnier than the first. With a day of fog and jetlag behind us, the gang set about to make the most of day two. After waking up at a brisk 7 a.m., we enjoyed a complimentary continental breakfast, followed by a fantastic introductory seminar.


We were lucky enough to witness a keynote address by speaker Timothy Jordan (@TimothyJordan), Senior Developer Advocate at Google working on their social platform, Google+. Jordan spoke on many topics, including the importance of PR in our world, as well as the necessity of the balance between science and art. Jordan also briefed the conference on the applications of Google+, and how we can make use of it in our daily lives. The keynote address was followed by a roll call where all schools answered their call with a brief chant.

Afterwards, chapters were allowed a nice, two-hour lunch break. After grabbing a delicious grilled cheese from a swanky sandwich shop called The Melt, myself and two of our attendees, Lauren Swirbul (left) and Rebecca Martineau (right), decided to grab a quick coffee.


Following our little burst of coffee-fueled energy, it was time to get down to business! PowercatPR leapt on the opportunity to learn and grow, and our members attended various, info-packed seminars. These featured high profile professionals speaking on topics such as social media in the political word, healthcare communications, tips on how to skyrocket your PR career, the world of integrated marketing communications (IMC) and many more.

The work day wrapped up with officers from all the chapters gathering and discussing problems they faced, and how other chapters went about solving similar problems. This collaboration was very helpful to our goal of always striving to improve ourselves and our organization.

The evening featured some relaxing free time. Walking around San Francisco has certainly been an adventure on its own, and the ladies on the trip have enjoyed getting the chance to peek around some local shops. We were all very tired after a filling Japanese dinner, and decided to wander back to the hostel for a full night’s rest. Tomorrow will be another early one, but we are definitely very excited for what the day has in store for us. It has been so great meeting and building relationships with like-minded PR students from around the country. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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