Informational Interview

I spoke with Robert Glenski, Senior Vice President and Partner at Fleishman-Hillard, last Thursday. Through a mutual connection he agreed to speak with me and give me advice for my senior year. With my ultimate goal being to work for Fleishman-Hillard, I was excited for our phone call.

Glenski began his career with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sales, he understood healthcare and was hired on to Fleishman-Hillard 13 years ago, as a non-traditional hire. He’s currently the senior partner with the firm and leads the healthcare team in Kansas City. He works with healthcare teams from all over the world.

I asked Glenski for advice moving towards graduation, in hopes of securing an internship at FH. He told me they’re interested in hiring students who have had 2+ years of internship experience in good programs. I asked him to describe his ideal intern and he told me someone with a can-do attitude, a willingness to learn, flexibility and someone who wants to eventually join FH. He said writing is absolutely fundamental, as is teamwork and leadership. His recommendations were to offer my services to local businesses and get as much experience as possible. Glenski also spoke from experience, saying he and has daughter looked on the Kansas City Ad Club website and looked for internships when she was in college. She know works for a reputable PR agency in New York. He also recommended I look on the KU and MU websites to see what internship opportunities they had listed. I never thought of doing that, but I’ve since been perusing their websites.

The bottom line, he said, is that FH has the luxury of being picky with their interns and employees because they have the best people working for them, the “cream of the crop”.

We spoke for about an hour and I learned strategies to better my chances of employment after graduation and tips for having a successful senior year. I promptly sent him a thank you e-mail and he told me to please keep in touch.


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