Bailey Lauerman PRSSA Presentation

Tonight i went to a professional engagement presentation of Bailey Lauerman. Bailey Lauerman is a small advertising agency based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Although they are small with about 100 employees, they have worked with some of America’s biggest brands including Disney, ConAgra, and the Special Olympics. My personal favorite is their Disney campaign which was based on getting parents to take their kids to Disney “before it’s too late”. They had some awesome commercials and banners along with some pretty clever tag lines. Bailey Lauerman also has a PR branch that has worked with the 2008 and 2012 olympic swim trials that came to Omaha.

The presenter for tonight was Rich Claussen, who is in charge of their talent development. He first began his presentation talking about their summer 2013 internship opportunity called the Bailey Lauerman Experience. It’s a 6-week intern program compromised of 6 students that work in different departments. The departments range from the creative development branch, to the digital branch. During the 6 weeks, interns work with a mentor to help them on projects that the intern team is working on. Last summer, the intern team works with the Smithsonian Museum. This internship program sounds like it would be very beneficial and interesting. I have definitely taken interest in it and am planning on applying. If you all are interested the link is and the deadline is Dec 31st.

Rich didn’t only talk about the company and the internship, but he also gave us ten great pieces of advice to apply when working in the mass communications industry, especially pr and advertising.

1.) Avoid becoming a slave to technology: technology can never replace original thinking. In this industry you need to be able to think on your feet and come up with something that is original.
2.) Be willing to work all hours: sometimes if deadlines are coming up fast or your really into your work a don’t want to stop, you might work a full 24 hour day. At Bailey Lauerman, they require at least 40 hours a week, but many work more. It’s not your typical 9-5 job
3.) Redevelop the curiosity of a child: always be asking “Why?” to everything. It’ll get you closer to the root.
4.) Pay attention to details: Always pause, and double check things before you hit send or post. They give students one second chance to make an impression, but they won’t give professionals a look.
5.) Golden Retrievers are happier than bulldogs: you don’t have to be an ass to get ahead. Be humble, classy, and leave your ego at the door.
6.) Be optimistic: Nobody wants to be around someone who complains or has a negative attitude. Also an idea you think is not good enough, might turn out to be the best work ever. You never know unless you try.
7.) The world is full of pukey ads: be mindful of what is great work and what is not
8.) Seek fame, not fortune: Combine what you love to do and what your naturally good at, and you will get paid for it. Don’t do something for the money, do it because you love it.
9.) Trim the unnecessary: By senior year, you should have a strong focus on what you want to do when you graduate.
10.) Put all of your eggs in one basket: Get really good in a specific area of PR and focus on that. Be the best in one thing, rather than just good in many things.

Overall the presentation was very inspiring and insightful. It defiantly gave me a taste of what to expect if I intern or work for a company like that. I look forward to applying and hopefully getting a chance to intern with their creative department.

Take away quote of the night: “Passion is what you feel in your gut, it’s what kicks you when you fail”


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