4 Things PR Pros Should Say to Reporters

I read an article today written by Lisa Arledge Powell who is the president of MediaSource, a multimedia production and media relations company that works with hospitals, health care organizations, and other brands.


In the article, Powell discusses 4 things PR pros should always say to reporters. This is important because reporters need to have information prepared timely for busy reporters deadlines.

Her tips for communicating with reporters are:

1.) “I’ll start on this immediately”
Powel explains that reporter’s workdays are immensely busy and chaotic. So PR pros need to work with efficiency and urgency to match the needs of the reporters. She also said that if possible you should drop everything to start of the reporter’s request. If a PR pro cannot fulfill a reporters request quick enough then the reporter will be forced to use information from a different source. Powell concluded with saying that you must always know a reporters deadline and have your information to them before it.

2.) “Here’s an update…”
If you are working diligently to find the information for the reporters request a PR pro should email the reporter, as a check-in so the reporter knows their request is a priority.

3.) “I can coordinate visuals”
Powel explains that this verbiage is useful when working with TV reporters. If you have the material, reporters will like that they can get multiple angles from one person.

4.) “I liked your coverage of ____”
Powell says that after a PR pro’s collaboration with a reporter is finished it is important to keep a friendly connection intact. She notes that keeping up with a reporter’s work is important to maintaining that relationship and standing out as a positive connection.

This article was really helpful especially when persuading journalists to use PR pro’s press releases. Connecting with reporters can be intimidating due to their chaotic work schedule so I feel this article created a roadmap for forming important relationships with reporters.

This summer I had an internship in my hometown with the City. I worked in the Community Coordinator’s department and my job was to help her create and enhance events to get people into our town. Through this internship I realized how important it was to have a great relationship with reporters. My boss taught me to remember all of the reporters’ names, to regularly read their work and email them thank you notes for writing about our events. Since we maintained a good relationship with the reporters for not just our town’s newspaper but for surrounding newspapers as well, they always ran our press releases and always covered our events. In the end, it seems like a win-win for both sides. The reporters had news stories to cover and our events had exposure.


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