Lyndsey Seck



The rules of social media are changing. They’re evolving to fit our habits and needs, becoming mutable and flexible. This article specifically focuses on how the rules of using LinkedIn have changed and continue to do so.  As a new user of the online business networking website, I was curious about the rules and what was considered acceptable information to provide. I’m still not entirely sure how to navigate the website but I found this article interesting because it’s based on the idea that the rules of social media are changing.

The article was shared by one of my favorite PR professionals on Twitter, Dave Peck. The article’s author, Natasha Lomas, writes that as online social media services are evolving and rearranging, so must the individual user. Each person can adjust their interactions with said social media to serve their own purposes. Lomas also noted that the more one uses a social network the more it changes you. She uses the example of sharing personal details on Facebook. When you first registered with Facebook you may have thought it was unsafe to share personal details, such as contact information or date of birth. But as the service progressed and grew, as did your acceptance of sharing the aforementioned personal information. With the development of your preferred choice of social media, you can reconfigure your rules of operating within the system.

Lomas specifically studied the guidelines for interactions on LinkedIn and how they’ve evolved as the website has gained more users. Traditionally, LinkedIn was used to make connections with colleagues you worked with or had worked with. Lomas conducted a snap poll, asking her Twitter followers what their rules were for accepting LinkedIn connection requests. Her responses indicated that the site has now evolved from making connections solely with people you know and have worked with to unknown users who are in your field of work or perhaps potential employers. She noted there is still a hesitation for users to connect with total strangers-something that may change over time.


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