Article – Brands Need to Keep Using Pinterest

This article from PR News hits on companies that need to keep taking advantage of Pinterest and those that are dialing back on their stock in Pinterest need to stop.

Here is the link.

I’m not on Pinterest, but I definitely see the positives that can come from it. According to this article, Pinterest is more popular with online shoppers than Facebook.  Pinterest’s popularity is rising through “its entertainment value; in getting inspiration on what to buy; and on keeping up with the latest cultural trends.”

Marcy Massura, digital supervisor at Weber Shandwick, gives these three tips that the PR Pro needs to remember about Pinterest.

1: Pinterest is a great listening tool – We need to find our brand’s promoters and take 10 minutes to find out what they like.

2: Pinterest enourages authenticity – Self-promotion is discouraged. This can be seen as a negative as we are always looking for ways to actively promote our brand, but Massura says instead of looking for ways to get around this, we should embrace it. We can connect with consumers in authentic ways showing we “get them.”

3: Pinterest isn’t complicated: A long thought out campaign isnt necessary to be successful with Pinterest. Massura says that just a few boards can drive success.

The biggest thing I take away from this article is that keeping a presence in Pinterest is important. Even more important for us as young PR professionals is to remember that communication is a two-way street. With Pinterest we can be real with the consumers in the hopes of promoting our brands.


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