Article – How to Get People to Read Your Blog Post

I read an article that Emmett Brennan linked to his Twitter page.

here is the link to his blog.

Brennan gives us some simple advice about what it takes to get the audience to read a blog post.

It is all about the title of the post. In his post, Brennan tells us that everything about the blog post can be perfect. The content can be the most beautifully written piece you’ve ever done, but unless the title grabs the reader’s attention, they won’t be stopping to read your post.

He has a handful of tips for us to consider when writing our headlines/titles.

1. Make it personal

2. Make it catchy

3. Show some transparency

4. Play on emotion

5. Make it a little mysterious

6. Show a little encouragement

7. Make it seasonal to the time of year

8. Make it ironic

9. Capitalize on the power of a question

10. Play off of controversial people

11. Use lists (7 ways to….12 reasons it is important to…etc.)

12. Ride on the wave of social media

These tips are things that we can put into not only our PR skills in the real world but also on projects we are doing for our classes. I’m sure a lot of you have learned how important the headline can be in a press release, feature story, news story, etc. Brennan is talking about a more specified subject matter, but the fact that the title is the most important part doesn’t change with the medium.

The ability for us to write strong pieces that start with strong headlines/titles will make us more valuable as more readers circulate to our articles/stories/posts.


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