Article: “How to Write a Blog With Great Content Every Time”

Today I read an interesting article by Julie Neidlinger about blogging. Neidlinger is a journalist at and maintains her own blog,


This article interests me because I enjoy reading people’s blogs and have considered starting one myself but feel as though I have nothing to write about. I think sometimes it is difficult to write content that appeals to a multitude of readers.


Neidlinger provided a list of 6 tips to show bloggers “How to Write A Blog With Great Content Every Time”.


The tips are:


1.)  Answers Questions

Neidlinger first suggests to create an account on Quora. She explains Quora as a website where people are answering and asking questions. Through this website you can search a specific subject relevant to your industry where you can identify your niche audience. Neidlinger suggests you answer questions on your blog for your users.


Second, Neidlinger discusses the need to not forget your own readers on your blog’s comments section, or your customer feedback. She said that if a blog comment section turns lively, that may be a topic that you should expand on in a fresh post and then alert those readers you’ve written a new post. Neidlinger notes that this is particularly useful if you find yourself leaving long comments that might be better served pulled up onto the main area of the blog.


2.)  Go Google

Google Search- Neidlinger says bloggers should use this feature to research related topics that people are actively looking for.

Google Keywords- Neidlinger said that Google AdWords provides a keyword tool where you can input words and phrases for your industry or niche. The keyword tool will break your search terms down, allowing you to see which keywords you’d like to dig deeper into. She explains that by saving these keywords, you can find out what people are searching for on Google, and which terms are the most popular with those buying AdWords.

Google Alerts- Neidlinger explains that Google Alerts send information through email to you about what is going on in your industry.

Google Trends- Neidlinger suggests you use the “hot trends” section of Google Trends that lets you know what people are searching which are probably current events.

3.)  Build Libraries

Neidlinger suggests that bloggers read books to get creative juices flowing. She also suggests that bloggers build a digital library using an RSS Reader to find information for new content.

4.)  Mingle with Trendy Crowds

Neidlinger suggests you use social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to promote your blog. She notes that on Facebook and Twitter ou can see which topics are trending and on Pinterest you can see what you audience is interested in. This will help you write relatable content for your readers.

5.)  Tell a Story

You have a story to tell- Neidlinger suggests telling a story in a blog post about your business or a teachable moment. She says it can be personal and inspirational and should be relatable to readers.

They have a story- As a blogger you can interview industry leaders or other bloggers to share their tips with readers.

6.)  Look Within

Neidlinger suggests you look back on your earlier blog posts. She says you should recycle by rewriting. You can improve your blog posts, make them relevant and make them pull their weight again.


Neidlinger concludes by saying that in order for your blog to be popular you must update your blog frequently and ensure that it is well written.


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