Atomic PR agency overview

I just recently discovered a PR agency that seems to combine video and PR quite nicely. I’ve actually been doing a lot of research lately and found that there are in fact many PR agencies that are mixing video techniques into campaign approaches. Atomic PR is just one of those agencies who have had huge success and recognition with this approach. Lets take a closer look at what they’re all about.

Atomic PR is a local, national, and global agency a part of Grayling, a global agency with over 40 offices located around the world. They’re based off using analytics to guide creative and strategy, and to evaluate results in PR and social campaigns. They know what things apply to all brands and the relationship between digital and print communications. Their management includes senior executives that were drawn from the ranks of top PR platforms.

Lets next look at the services they provide. According to their website, they provide “strategic, creative programs guided by analytics. We bring new energy to plateaued programs, reposition established brands, and launch new companies and products. Our programs mix PR with digital/social media, video, events and other activities as needed. It’s a fresh approach that often works 100%+ better across various key measures of campaign performance. Often on lower budgets.” The first thing I’m gravitated towards is that they mix PR with digital/social media and video. And the fact that they recognize that this is a fresher approach the works better. I believe that utilizing video in public relations is becoming something that we see more of and whoever is utilizing it now, in creative ways, are the people who are on top of the game. Atomic PR is on top of their game with a full in house production studio run internally by their digital media team. These people are in charge of video creative, production, and distribution services.

So how do they go about doing things? Atomic PR uses sophisticated analytics to help their teams and clients notice subtleties, develop sharper insights, generate smarter strategy, and come up with more informed creative ideas constructed to connect with specific individuals and communities. The platform is called ComContext and it is designed to help monitor, store, and analyze all components of their services. It is known to be one of the best performance discovery and reporting platforms from a PR agency. After all we as PR professionals need to make sure our ideas are working the way we want them to work.

What’s their track record you ask? Atomic PR has worked with a variety of clients of all sizes and stages in consumer, technology, Web, entertainment, sustainability and non-profit. Some of their big name clients have included the Susan G. Koman foundation, Verizon Wireless, Living Social, and IMAX. One of their most successful campaigns was working with Sony. The campaign was called “Catch the Tablet”, a social media campaign, combining Facebook, Twitter and gaming elements to give fans in top, high markets across the US the opportunity to win a Tablet and increase social buzz for Sony.We built a Facebook tab as a central hub where Sony fans could learn about and RSVP for events and use interactive maps to discover exactly where to go to “Catch the Tablet.” Sony and Atomic social media staffers turned up with the Tablet in hand in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and Chicago. To enter, fans had to locate the team, take a photo with the Tablet and tweet it out with the #catchthetablet hashtag. Or go to a Sony Store and photograph the Tablet there. Or simply submit their email address on the tab. Fans could also vote to add their city to the tour. Sony’s Seattle fans rallied and secured nearly 40 percent of the vote, earning a party in their city with free food and drinks, Sony gift bags, and hands-on time with the Tablet. According to The Next Web, #CatchTheTablet is the most successful social media campaign ever implemented by Sony in the US.

Overall, this company sounds like it has a leading edge in the PR world with their analytical approach and combination of digital/social media and tradition PR techniques.


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