The 1 Degree Social Marketing Shift

This is a link to an article I recently read about a successful social marketing plan for  your clients. The article starts by saying that taking multiple small steps can successfully lead to a 180 degree turn of success. It also says that results don’t happen over night. This is very important, because for each client you will have to try a few different things until you get it exactly right for them. The very important question it asks is simple: What is more important, sales or awareness? The answer is simple. Sales.

This article goes on to lay out 6 steps to shifting toward social marketing. They are as follows:


1) Think big at first – If you don’t think big and think about what is possible, you will never accomplish what you want to

2) Plan your variables – This is crisis management. You must think about what could go wrong, so you are prepared if they do go wrong.

3) Think in visual – people respond to visuals and the main way to get buy-in is to show it, don’t just tell. Visuals are everything in this world. Are you going to be more amazed if I tell you about a beautiful sunset, or show you a picture of it?

4) There is no linear – The world is unpredictable, don’t think that something is going to go according to a linear plan because it wont. Be flexible because there could be a better outcome if you are.

5)  Failure means shifting and trying again – shifting and learning from your failure will add up and eventually lead to success. Do not give up, instead learn from your failure.

6) Success shifts mean celebrate – Congratulate success. Give your team a high five when you are successful. If they see their success is noticed they will enjoy it so much more and continue to be successful.

Key takeaway: Authenticity drives the energy necessary to create forward momentum. We call it “1° Shifts” for your marketing in a connected world of social activity – the small but critical course corrections that, over time, set you on a trajectory toward transformative success can make a 180° difference.”

I believe this article makes very good, and maybe obvious, points about how to be successful. By making these shifts you can not only have success but have fun along the way. Although some of these points seemed a little obvious, its good to take a step back and think about it. The best point that was made, in my opinion, is that failure should lead to shifts which eventually add up to success. A lot of the time people just give up on a particular campaign because of a small failure within it, but by learning from it and being flexible instead of expecting it to go exactly according to plan you can see a great deal of success that you may not have expected.

This article goes beyond just the PR world in my opinion, it can be applied to almost anything you do in life.


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