10 PR skills for life, work, or love

10 PR skills for life, work, or love

By: Ann Quasarano

Quasarano has spent more than 15 years working in public relations and although the products vary the steps she takes to promoting them are similar.

1. Find your audience.

2. Tell them about your product.

3. Hope for good reviews.

4. Do some damage control when the reviews are not so great.

These same skills can be used on a daily basis when promoting yourself to your different audiences. Promoting yourself in the best way possible is a skill everyone should use.

10 ways to use PR skills.

1. Create your own press kit

What you publish in print, online or on a social networking site show “who you are.” This information you present makes it easy to reach out to others. Just make sure everything you publish is organized, correct and has been double checked for possible spelling or grammar errors.

2. A good reputation is priceless

If you promote yourself online it is important to see what others are also saying about you online. One negative thing said about you can change how you come across to others.

3. Use protection against social diseases

If you use your social networking sites for professional development it’s best to keep it free of anything that might be the least inappropriate to your business associates.

4. Learn to pitch properly

Always promote your best qualities and downplay your flaws or make them work for you.

5. Don’t be a deer in the headlights

Listening carefully and staying focused on the conversation will help you not to miss something.

6. Know your audience and think before you speak

7. Follow up without being annoying

How you check in with others will change from contact to contact.

8. Spread the word

Go ahead and talk. By talking to others and sharing your interests it is the best way to find whatever it is you are looking for, anywhere from a job opportunity to a date.

9. Avoid wardrobe malfunctions

Your appearance should be appropriate to the situation. Have a friend give you feedback on your outward appearance so you can make sure you are well put together and can make the best first impression without saying a word.

10. Your personality is your biggest advantage

“Own” yourself! Make sure your best qualities are always portrayed in person, on paper or online. Make yourself stand out from others.


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