6 Reasons an Athlete Should Run Your Social Media.

I came across an interesting article on prdaily.com today, “6 Reasons an Athlete Should Run Your Social Media.” The title intrigued me and once I read it, it really made sense. Athletes have perfect traits that are needed for running a social media site. Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan was the author of the article. The 6 reasons an athlete should run your social media are:

1. Athletes are great at setting long and short-term goals. As any athlete knows you must have long and short-term goals to accomplish anything in your sport. Whether it is bench pressing 350 pounds, running a marathon, or winning a championship; you must have long and short term goals. The same goes for social media.

2. Athletes know you have to show up everyday and give it your all. A social media site has to be active all the time and has to be producing quality content. Just like you would have to do at practice all week, in order to win the game on Friday.

3. Athletes know how to listen to their coaches and their bodies, to make changes to become better. A social media manager needs to be able to listen to their followers and fans in order for the site to be good. 

4. Athletes are obsessed with measuring effort, results, and evaluating effectiveness. Athletes are great with stats and data, this will translate perfectly into the social media world.

5. Athletes now how some sacrifices can lead to big payoffs. Social media can take up a lot of time and effort, but in the end it will be very beneficial.

6. Athletes know how to work as a team. Your athletic social media manager knows how to get everyone involved and often times step out of the spot light for the team. Your manager can get everyone clicking and producing a great social media site that will have the fans drooling. 

Most athletes are great leaders and a great leader is exactly who you want running your social media. Social media takes a lot of time but is vital when dealing with a public. I run our family retail store’s Facebook and know how much effort needs to be put into it for the site to be beneficial. Like sports, a well done social media site can be very rewarding. When your sales boost and you get new fans, it truly does feel great!

Here is a link to the article: 



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