Article:” How to Reengage Your Inactive Email List Subscribers”

Madison Debes

“How to Reengage Your Inactive Email List Subscribers”

By: Sté Kerwer

Oct. 30, 2012

 Everyone knows that we receive countless amounts of emails a day from companies or stores trying to sell their products to us. Many of us delete them without even opening them because we already can guess that they are trying to sell us something. When working in PR, it may be necessary for you to email people about your company or subscribers on your email list so you will want to grab the attentions of recipients to keep them engaged.

 1. Run a competition or give away

Personally, I always sign up for a competition or give away because of the gambling aspect. You want to try your chances and see if you’ll win. According to Kerwer, everyone loves getting freebies, so giving things away can get subscriber’s attention.

2. Offer money off vouchers for use on your site

I always open emails that say sale or “with this code you’ll get __% off” I love feeling like I got a good deal on something. According to Kerwer, money talks therefore it’s a good way to engage a majority of subscribers.

3. Ask for their opinion on something

According to the article, users love to feel valued and that their opinion matters. It is appealing to a company that they use costumer feedback to enhance their business.

 Once you’ve reengaged inactive subscribers…

Kerwer states that once you reengage subscribers its important to keep them so you don’t have to do go through the tough task of doing it all the time. He mentions that its normal for a few subscribers to drop off occasionally but that you need to monitor that closely. If the number of subscribers dramatically rises then you need to implement new statics to engage subscribers.


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