Article: Job interview blunders to avoid at all costs

Bryce Peck

Job interview blunders to avoid at all costs

Julie Roehm ||

Posted: October 30, 2012


As we prepare to start looking for internships this summer, I thought it would be beneficial for everyone to know a couple quick tips on how to have a good interview.

The article talks about common and very simple mistakes people make on interviews that can easily cost them the job. The article quotes Andrew Goldberg and his list of top mistakes applicants make such as; showing up late, smelling like cigarettes, having typos on a résumé, and sending sloppy emails (including ones with all lowercase letters or using “u” to mean “you”). I think this is something important to consider in the age of texting where we use a lot of shortcuts, abbreviations, and slang.

Other commons faux pas the article listed were;

  • Not looking at the interviewer directly when speaking
  • Reading your slides or résumé to the hiring manager
  • Not taking notes or not even having a note pad and pen
  • Staring out the window when the interviewer is speaking
  • Clicking or twirling a pen
  • Unpolished shoes
  • Dirty chewed-up finger nails
  • Chewing gum
  • Checking phone during interview
  • Using a referral that the applicant didn’t even know

The article then lists a few basic interview tactics like;

Listening twice as much as you talk, because that is the ratio of ears to mouth.

Do your research, learn about the company you want to work for.

Look in the mirror, don’t show up to a meeting with unbrushed teeth, messy hair, or pet hair all over you clothes.

Don’t get ahead of yourself, never assume you have the job in the bag. Don’t ask questions like, If hired can I get time off in December, or so on.

And sadly enough if even talks about maturity. The author recants a time where the mother of an applicant was the one to make a follow up call, or a time where someone brought their dad to the interview and had him wait in the lobby.

Most of this should be common sense by now, but hopefully you’ve found a couple hidden gems. Good luck on your internship interviews everyone!


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