David Dary – Professional Engagement

David Dary is originally from Manhattan and also a K-State graduate of the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

I attended a professional engagement where Dary was the guest speaker. He spoke upon the topic of community journalism and reporting in the local news. He said community journalism is a “life-saver” for journalism in America.

Community journalism gives the history of a community. Community newspapers have been great resources when referring back to history and uncovering important information and details about what went on in a community during a certain time period.

Although a community paper might be repetitive it helps the community stay engaged in conversation with one another. It helps add to the “back-fence” talking. This is exactly what community journalism provides, that sense of belonging within a community.

Now that social media has became popular it is also another source that adds to this community journalism and is another outlet for smaller communities to use to get any new information faster than their paper can be published.

This is a great opportunity for more than just a small newspaper staff to publish information and can really spark up more conversation between community residence on their personal feelings of news arising in the community because social media makes it so easy for everyone to be a journalist.

This shows that community journalism really can have a larger affect on others, including their thoughts and actions.


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