Is video becoming the PR star?

So lately I’ve really gotten into researching how video fits into PR. This class blog mostly has pushed me to do so, yet I’m finding that on my own I’ve really enjoyed exploring the internet to find some answers. I’ve opened up some pretty interesting doors and come across some things that i definitely think could help me in my career goals.

I came across a couple articles today that i thought would speak more generally to you all about the idea of video becoming an increasingly important tool in engaging business audiences.

One of the main things I’ve noticed that these articles touch on is the opportunities that sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Metacafe bring to public relations. With the growing presence of iPads, iPhones, and other smart technology, people are becoming more and more visually engaged. This means that they are more likely to respond to videos and images, rather than reading an article. Videos allow us to put a face on a story and summarize ideas in a quick and engaging manner. And with most of these hosting sites being free, not to mention falling costs of production, it just makes sense to use video now a days. Lets see some stats that one of the articles points out:

-YouTube receives two billion hits a day, twice as much as 2009 levels, and 24 hours-worth of video is uploaded every single minute – again, twice as much as in 2009.

-Only seven per cent of communication is actually what’s said and the rest is tone and body language (experts say), then surely video is the perfect medium to express yourself.

-Video is 52 per cent more likely to appear on the front page of Google search for keywords than word.

These stats right here should be enough to get you even wondering how you can tap into the world of video. Besides, the mass communications world is always changing. One of the articles said that the “digital first” strategy has taken off, and it won’t be long until it becomes the norm to use in public relations.

Making videos for PR does not mean you have to make a viral, Emmy nominated video. There are simple ways to take advantage of using digital media. For one, you could make a video tutorials, virals, press announcements, customer testimonials, video blogs or company presentations. But if you do these things, you need to get creative. It shouldn’t repeat what you’ve already said on your other content. The only way that you will be successful with this is if you develop powerful, creative content that will enhance your chances of interesting what may be a small, but high-value audience.

We all know that measuring your success is a huge, if not the most important part of any public relations effort. The second article says that this is quite easy to do when using video content. They say that measuring metrics could include numbers of views, channel subscribers, number of tweets/shares/embeds/blogs, in-bound traffic or link backs. Use analytics tools such as Google Analytics or YouTube Insights, if you’re hosting on YouTube, or other tools that tell you where your content is being mentioned, such as Addictomatic, SocialMention or BoardTracker.

I would defiantly advise to check out these articles, as well as others, to see for yourself the impact that video can have in public relations.


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