Jasmine Johnson

Obama gets first-hand look at storm devastation

Julie Pace


October 31 2012

This article talks about President Obama’s first trip down to New Jersey since Hurricane Sandy hit. On wednesday october 31st the President, along with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, took a helicopter and flew over the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has left behind. It just so happens that Obama’s own tour guide Governor Christie is a republican and top supporter of the republican candidate Mitt Romney. But both the President and Governor put politics aside and faced the matter at hand.

Obama is in the midst of a crazy campaign and only a week away from election day. Now is not the time for him to step away from the race. However Obama did the right thing by dropping everything and helping his country. This situation reminded me of one of the biggest components of public relations: ethics. Obama could be working on his campaign right now and having his workers deal with the devastation but he chose the ethical thing to do; he choose to help his country first and be hands on. Governor Christie chose the ethical way as well. As a top supporter of republican candidate Mitt Romney, it is not his best interest to be promoting Obama’s actions. However, the governor put aside the politics and did what was right. He acknowledged the presidents good deeds, welcomed him with open arms and was thankful he was there .   At some point in time in my future of working in PR I am sure I will deal with a problem that makes me have to decide what is ethical.



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