Jasmine Johnson

Sorry Im Not Sorry; Apple issues snarky non- apology to samsung

Michael Sebastian

PR Daily


October 26, 2012

In the article Sorry I’m Not Sorry, it discusses the mega company, Apple, court ordered apology to Samsung. Earlier this year Apple sued Samsung in the U.K for copying their designs. They lost the suite and the Judge ordered them to apologize to Samsung. Apple did as the court told them to and sent out an apology. However it wasn’t the apology everyone was looking for. In Fact it wasn’t really an apology at all. The statement apple gave explained the law suite and the ruling. It then went on to promote apples design and de-promote Samsungs by quotes from the court. It goes on to talk about how Apple won the case in Germany and how the iPad is far more popular the the Galaxy Tablet. Not one part of this so called apology had an actual apology. In my opinion Apples PR reps made a huge mistake in posting this. Instead of taking the high road and just apologizing as the court told them to, apple has made a fool of themselves.  I think a big part of public relations is protecting your companies name and this statement makes Apple look immature, rude and disrespectful. Reading this article and seeing how damaging it can be to the Apple name makes me realize how important it is to watch what you put out for the public to read.  If I was ever stuck in this situation of having to apologize I would suck up my pride and do what is right for the company. I think this story matters because it shows a big name company put in a bad light because of something they did. I’ve never seen apple like this and now when I think of them this will come to mind. It just shows how easy it is to ruin your name.


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