Jasmine Johnson

Three easy ways to establish your personal brand

Bita Ehsanipour


October 6 2012

Three easy ways to establish your personal brand is all about giving simple tips that have a big effect. The steps to establishing your personal brand include claiming your name, voicing your opinion and being genuine. To claim your name they suggest building a blog or website with personal and updated information. Voicing your interests is to start conversations and meet other people by relating to similar topics. The article gives the example of fashion PR and says to build a layout of fashion designs and  interview designers and post it online. Someone in the same profession or in need of someone in your profession, may feel the same way and then make a connection. Lastly they talk about being Genuine which is one of the more important things to do. They say the best brands have human touch making them more relatable than others.

It was nice to read this article because someday I will be tossed out into the world having not one clue on how to build a name for myself. I think all new graduates venturing out into their careers would benefit from this. This relates a lot to PR because PR is such a personal career.



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