Jasmine Johnson

Should you promote clients on your social media account?

Arik Hanson



October 31 2012

Should you promote clients on your social media account? Is an article that tries to answers that question. Instead of the author only giving his point of view he sends it out for twitter to decide. The article is composed of multiple tweets and twitter conversations with other peoples opinions. Most replies were on both sides saying promoting clients via twitter was appropriate if its something worth promoting. For example it would be appropriate for someone to promote a client’s charity event. One women did not agree or disagree but made a rather good observation, she tweeted “what about target markets? Does your agency really have the same target audience as your client? Likely not.”.

With that comment in mind I would have to say I don’t agree with tweeting about your clients from a personal account. This was a good article to read because of  social media becoming such a big part of PR. It kinda lets you decide what crossing the line is. I’m sure twitter or some other type of social media will be around when I am a professional and now I know to realy think how far I can go to promote my client while still remaining professional



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