Jasmine Johnson

The Most Terrifying PR Clients

Jennifer Nichols


October 31 2012

The most terrifying PR clients gives you a list of thirteen different types of horrible clients. Everything from the unforgiving client that never lets any mistakes go, to the O.C.D client that has to have everything exactly how they want it. This article was very useful because sometimes people go into a profession not thinking ahead of what bad things could happen. It is not realistic for someone to always have completely perfect clients. This article shows a little bit of all of them. Even though it does not give any examples or advise on how to deal with those type of clients, it stimulates your mind to think of what you would do. I know that in the beginning of my future career I will not be able to choose who my clients are so I need to be prepared for whatever I get. In most of the classes I have taken for PR we talk about dealing with crisis but not necessarily “client crisis”. Because we do not talk about it much in classes I think this would be a great article for teachers and students to read and reflect on.



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