2012 PRSSA National Conference

The PRSSA National Conference has made me very excited, it was full of excitement and opportunity for me. I learned a lot from this trip. It was a tiring and expensive trip, but was surely worth every penny and minutes.

            The national conference was a great opportunity to learn and network with other PRSSA chapters. During the five days of the conference, there were chapter development sections which featured various topics of interest. These development sections gave us tons of information on internship, jobs, social media, writing and so much more. I realized what skills I need to put more time on, such as writing. One of the “living legends” said, “Writing skills are very important. You have to know your grammar, spelling and AP style.” I thought I could cover my weakness in writing by doing well in other areas, however, the fact is I need to be good at writing.

            There were some incredible people that came to the conference. People who changed my life. The con founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, has changed everyone’s life with Twitter, I am sure. “Created my Twitter account while listening to the creator of Twitter,” was my first Tweet. Later in his speech, I also found out that he was the founder of Xanga.

            Chances to meet with companies were also provided. I met a speakers from a lecture called, “Travel the world with PR profession.” I was interested in his lecture and also the company he is working in. At the national conference, you got the chance to make the connection with firms in person. You can better understand the firms by talking to people representing them.

            The conference was not the only exciting thing about the trip. During the trip, I got to know more about our chapter’s member. B communicating with them, I learned a lot. I developed my resume and built my business card with the help of Fred Amstutz. It was fun to share what we learned after the conference.

            We also met new people on the trip, we stayed in a hostile called HI San Francisco Down Town, and met cool people there. One of my roommates had a Masters degree in PR and he is currently studying for his communication PhD. I asked a lot about how the PR world is out there, and he shared lots of his experience with me. Our other roommate was from Australia, and He worked as a radio producer. I t was fun to hangs out with him and learned about his travel and work experience.

            I hope you can feel my excitement from the PRSSA National Conference, and I would love to share more with you.



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