An Inconvenient Truth

Madalyn Radetic
Documentary: An Inconvenient Truth
Directed by: Davis Guggenheim

This documentary is based on Al Gore’s campaign to make global warming a recognized problem worldwide. There have been assumptions that because of the size of our world, we can’t have an effect on global warming. This film strives to address these false beliefs. With tons of scientific research, Gore begins the documentary explaining the process of global warming. Our world is producing excess carbon dioxide in the air and heat is reflected back down to earth causing temperature, wind, storms, etc. to increase. This will create potentially life-threatening circumstances. So, according to the film, we must fix problems now.

“What we take for granted might not be here for our children.” Gore makes this powerful statement after talking about his childhood on a ranch. On his family farm, the leaves blew in the trees and the creek water ran so gracefully. He often still enjoys spending time in nature, but is saddened by our world’s efforts to maintain nature’s context.
As I listened to Gore’s statistics and records of our past and current standings, I couldn’t help but think in what ways this film was applied to me. Yes, Gore is making me very aware of this issue, however like mentioned in class, awareness doesn’t immediately imply actions. I certainly didn’t feel motivated to take action, especially when most of the problems are root from coalmines and other polluting industries.

Al Gore is doing a wonderful job by presenting this issue around the world. He is doing everything he can to make this problem more widely known. However, as a PR professional, it’s important to make an audience feel motivated. Yes, the film did mention buying fuel-efficient cars and recycling, but this was only flashed in the credits! Honestly, people have most likely ended the documentary by then. Statistics and research only go so far in a campaign. You must set goals, strategies, and objectives to get the job done. If Gore had only made this issue more user friendly, I would not have turned off my TV and thought, “ Hum, well let’s hope these coal mining industries start doing something soon”.


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