Article – Be an Expert, Gain Trust

Erin Nelson recently wrote an article about gaining trust from your audience by being an expert.

Nelson had three main points she wanted to make with her article.

1) A thumbs-up doesn’t generate business

She wrote that real trust in business isn’t built in one day. It takes showing off our knowledge and expertise through recommendations, meetings, conferences, luncheons, etc. to build trust with a client or audience. It is no different with social media, she said. We can show our expertise by being reliable, engaging, and helpful.

2) Make them want to come to you

Word will spread when we are providing reliable content to our audience. It doesn’t matter if it is our boss, our client, or our target audience. With hard work and time the content will establish us an expert to whoever we are bringing our information to.

3) Make your content better

We need to really make our content better in every way. Not just the quality of it but also make sure it is ours and only ours. We have to be better than everyone else. Make it so that you can’t just go anywhere to find it. We want the people to rely on us for their information.

All three of Nelson’s points are important to us in PR. We need to make ourselves valuable to our company and our clients. We do that by coming up with fresh content that people will circulate to. Thus, this will improve our standing in our company, our company’s standing to our client, and our client’s standing to their target.


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