Professional Development: 12 tips for using Twitter as a customer service tool

Belema Iyo.

This article goes into detail about 12 different ways we can effectively use Twitter for customer service. In more recent times, one thing we have all come to accept as an intricate part of our day to day lives is social media. We in turn should also understand how all of this changes the way we communicate with our publics/consumers.

This article details each important tip for us & how they work. If our public is likely to turn to social media especially twitter, it is important to know these tips. Here is the complete list of ways to improve your customer service efforts on Twitter: 

1. Use apps such as TweetDeck.

2. Respond in speedy fashion.

3. Never let customers reveal their private details.

4. Be polite and courteous.

5. Place your Twitter handle in prominent locations.

6. Create a separate customer service Twitter account.

7. Personalize the experience.

8. Create a FAQ from common questions.

9. Know when to move problems on.

10. Know when to use direct message.

11. State when you’re open.

12. Follow up.


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