the 10 worst nightmares for a PR professional

I found this article really funny. I think as a PR pro we should avoid these nightmares happen, many of those are careless mistakes that we can avoid. 

This article is written by Jennifer Nichols, co-founder and CEO of newly launched FlackList. 

1. You mail merge a pitch to the wrong media list. 

2. Your big placement is canned due to a huge breaking news. 

3. A press release is issued with the CEO’s name misspelled and all the URLs are dead.
4. You wake to find a cover story featuring all your competitors. 

5. Crisis, crisis, crisis and no prepared plan of attack. 

6. No media show up for your press conference or media event. 

7. You accidentally share a personal tweet on the corporate account. 

8. You lose cell/Internet service; what is a PR pro without access? 

9. An expensive PR stunt results in zero coverage. 

10. You have the wrong addresses listed on a media tour and your spokesperson is late to every interview.

Which one do you think is the worst nightmare?

I think The would be number 6, no media show up for your press conference. 

I think 1,4,7,9,10 can be avoid by being careful. 


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