Professional Development: 5 tips for writing faster—and better—copy

Belema Iyo.

“You can get it written well, quickly, or cheaply—pick two. It’s a mantra freelancers know all too well. Although they say it tongue-in-cheek (kind of), it highlights a tension that’s inescapable for anyone who cranks out copy in a work context. It’s the tension between writing better and writing faster.”

This article is useful for every PR professional because it does a good job highlihting what is important for writing fast and immediately needed articles and press releases. It is one thing to write a good article and another to deliver it efficiently.

The author states, “Always the optimist, I’d like to believe that given enough time, everyone is capable of crafting polished and powerful copy. Unlimited time is a fantasy, a pipe dream in a world where the quantity of work we produce is just as important as the quality of that work.” This is very significant because we always want to make sure that our work is good, but if it is not delivered on time, it becomes useless. There is a right time for everything including the right time to deliver an article or write-up. If delivered in an untimely manner it becomes useless.

This article is very important for us because although we are PR professionals we still have to do a lot of writing. This is important basic  but straight-forward information we ought to know. Below are these 5 simple tips:

1. Know the assignment.

2. Gather information and resources.

3. Devise a (basic) plan.

4. Write.

5. Have a strong endgame.


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