Article Review: 24 Tips to Humanize Your Brand

Brian Conlin writes about how some companies often risk becoming “Public Relations Zombies”. This means the company doesn’t interact with people on a ‘personal way’. So, he’s come up with some tips that companies can follow to avoid the PR zombie apocalypse. Three tips stood out to me.

  •  “Respond to comments on Twitter with employee accounts as opposed to the company’s branded account”. I thought this was a cool idea! If some of your individual company’s employees had their own twitter account they could talk to customers directly. This would help customer’s appreciate that there are real people behind these brands.
  • “Strive to include a video or image to supplement text in one of every three social media posts.” I thought this was a useful strategy. One PR Company that I follow on Facebook regularly posts pictures of life in their office. They post pictures of lunch dates they go on, new employees, and little parties they have around the office. This really makes them look like a fun company to work with or for!
  • “Build relationships with industry reporters by commenting on articles and connecting on social media.” This one is particularly important with how media is becoming increasingly diverse. It’s important that you manage to keep up a relationship with writers/media creators whom your audience thinks is credible. If you can build a relationship with those people, it’ll be easier to get them to introduce your product to their audience.

This is great advice for any PR professional! 


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