Article Review: 7 PR Lessons from Justin Bieber

Arik Hanson writes how Bieber isn’t just an awesome but is also a great Public Relations expert. In fact, he thinks we could even learn a few tricks of the trade from him. He lists 7 different lessons he says he’s learned from the Biebs.

  1. Work one-on-one with customers
  2. Give, Give, Give
  3. Have Fun
  4. Know the Power of One Fan
  5. Know it’s all About the Hair
  6. Share the Love
  7. Work, but don’t overdo it

Hanson writes about how he and his little daughter watched Justin Bieber’s movie, “Never Say Never” and he couldn’t help but pick up on some awesome Public Relations things Bieber did. One thing that Hanson mentioned that stood out to me, was rule number two, “Give, Give, Give”. In that section, he talks about how in the movie before one of Bieber’s concerts, Justin goes out and talks to young girls in the neighborhood and hands out free tickets. The girls are overjoyed! The article points out that this build immense fan loyalty. First, the girls who received the tickets will probably never forget this. Second, the families and friends of the girls will probably always remember how happy Bieber made their friend.

This is useful advice for any business. Often we’re scared to give away things because we worry it’s going to cost us so much money. However, businesses tend to forget how much money brand loyalty can make a company.  Bieber does a good job at realizing that long term goals with your consumers are more important than your short terms goals.


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