Professional Development: 5 rules for starting your PR career

Belema Iyo.

I think as students involved in the PR field, one of the most important things we tend to push over is what happens after. We all just want to get a job, be good at it, do what we are told and hope that gets us somewhere. This article does a good job of explaining 5 basic rules that will be beneficial to the starting of one’s PR career.

Although it is very important to take advantage of every single oppurtunity we come across, there is also some other important information we need to consider. What comes then? This article not only helps with telling us how to get started in simple steps, but also teaches us how to maintain and improve the positions we find ourselves in.

Below are the 5 simple tips:

1. Raise your hand. Demonstrate an active interest in the business.

2. Be curious. Be a “student” of the media.

3. Step out of your comfort zone. If an account is presented that doesn’t seem to immediately match your skill set, go for it.

4. Remember: managers aren’t mind readers. Speak up about your goals, ask for advice, and understand you won’t be handed everything you want.

5. Take notes. Not only does it demonstrate active engagement during the meeting itself, but also it ensures that follow-up activities don’t deviate from what was actually discussed.

Like the author states, “using these rules won’t just enable you to start your career right, they are critical to sustaining and maintaining your career’s path in a changing world.”


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