Top 7 Reasons why Public Relations Students at KSU should be Listening to InsidePR

I started listening to Inside PR, a public relations podcast, last spring and I’ve fallen in love! I am convinced it’s one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways for a public relations student to stay up to date about all things PR. So I’ve created a list of all the reasons I think my fellow K-State PR students should be tuning in!

  1. It’s important to stay up to date on all things PR. Public Relations is all about staying up to date about what’s going on. So you can make sure you’re staying up to date about the world of PR, by simply listening to Inside PR. Every week they “take a look at the state of the PR industry, explore topical and provocative issues, discuss listener comments, and even interview a guest or two”.
  2. You’ll learn new things. For example, do you know what SEO means? Do you know how to use it? What does it mean for your company? What does it mean for your customers? Who exactly are the people behind all this SEO? If you listened to the latest episode of Inside PR, you would know the answers to these questions. Just sayin’.
  3. They give you all the dirt on the latest conferences. You’re in Hale, studying and eating your ramen- just like any good PR student. However, in your heart your deepest desire is that you could be attending the PRSA International Conference in San Francisco on Oct 13-16th. But alas! You’ve just spent your last $4 on the raman and the redbull sitting in front of you and for some reason your professors are insisting these “midterm” things or whatever is important for you to study for. But don’t you worry! If you listen to Inside PR, you’ll be hearing interviews from some of the best speakers at the conference!
  4. They’re experienced! Didn’t your mom ever tell you to listen to your elders? Who knew listening to your elders would come in podcast form! Gini Dietrich, Joseph Thronley and Martin Waxman are all founders of their own PR/Communication firms. They’ve had years of experience in the field. Dietrich has been blogging for 6 years and is the author of Marketing in the Round. Joseph Thorneley is the CEO of Thornley Fallis and 76 Design, a firm that provides “strategic communications and public relations advice and counsel to senior executives in large public and private sector organizations”.  Waxman has been working in Public Relations for over 25 years and has helped found 3 public relations firms! Now that’s some experience any student should want to learn from.
  5. Case Studies Galore! Remember when Professor Gordon told us why we bother to study case studies? We want to learn about what other people did wrong and what they did right! Case studies are incredibly valuable to any PR professional. So, when you tune into InsidePR, almost always you hear a story about what a company did wrong or what a company did right.  For example, two weeks ago they talked about an errant tweet that a Kitchen Aid employee sent out about Obama. Kitchen Aid quickly removed the tweet but not before it was copied and posted all over the internet! Kitchen ended up firing the employee and writing an apology about the tweet. The podcast discusses how companies should handle accidental tweets.
  6. You’ll know which books to read. We all know that college does not give us nearly enough books to read. Everyone’s had that situation where you’ve been sitting at your laptop watching Netflix, and all you can think is “If only I could be reading about public relations, then I would be living the dream”. However, you just don’t know what to read. So sadly, you’re pretty much forced to continue your weekend South Park marathon. Well, never again will this happen to you! Thanks to InsidePR, you will always know what books are popular among all the hip PR pros. To start you out, I would recommend “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” by David Meerman Scott, and “Marketing in the Round” by Gini Dietrich.
  7. It’s easy! Just download the podcast on your smartphone/mp3 player and you can listen to the podcast wherever you want! On your way to Kedzie in the morning, at the rec, or when you’re in line for Chipotle are all great times to listen. This show is an effortless and entertaining way to stay up to date on the world of PR.

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