Professional Development: Personal branding: 5 components to help you land a job

Belema Iyo.

As PR students and professionals, one thing that stands true as important and nerve-racking everyday is what happens when we graduate. We begin to wonder exactly how long it’ll take to land a job. What most people forget is that you have to start planning and preparing for that way ahead of time. Even those who remember this don’t know the steps they should take. This article does a good job of highlighting one of the many important steps; personal branding.

Personal branding in simple words is how we market ourselves. Personal branding defines who you are. The article notes few things one needs to identify to create a personal brand. They are:

Define yourself: What are your unique skills, experiences, and values? What makes you different?
Determine your audience: Who are you trying to reach?
Establish your messaging: What are you trying to convey? What do you want others to remember about you?

These then become the backbone of what defines your brand. The article then goes on to mention useful tools one can implement to communicate brand across to professionals. These are useful things to include; logo, tagline, brand tools, social media and greeting cards.

The article highlights how important personal branding is as it helps to tell your story outside what can be found in emails, online applicatons and resumes.


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