AAFKC Career Day

I attended the American Advertising Foundation of Kansas City’s Career Fair on Monday, Nov. 12 in Kansas City. Although I’m not a member of AAFKC I thought it would be a good networking opportunity to strengthen my professional connections. The day was filled with workshops, divided in to 3 sections. You had the option of attending a workshop aimed at students who were interested in the creative aspect of advertising, account management or those who were undecided. Each session had three speakers, who presented over various topics. I attended each of the undecided sections, as they had an eclectic mix of speakers and topics. One workshop I found to be interesting was the corporate vs. freelance vs. agency topic. I wasn’t entirely sure what the difference between the three was so I thought it would be a good idea to familiarize myself with the three different options. After listening to each speaker describe her respective career, I decided that agency work sounded like it would fit my personality the best. I don’t think I could handle the unpredictability and lack of structure that is common in a freelance career, while working in the PR department of a corporation sounds boring. I want variety and I want to be able to work on a multitude of different projects and meet as many new clients as possible. I feel that with agency work I’ll have the opportunity to be exposed to much more than corporate. I met a woman who worked for Bernstein- Rein, an ad agency in Kansas City. Her vibrant and bubbly personality struck me as she told us how much she loved working for an agency. She told us that although the starting pay isn’t very high it shouldn’t deter us from working for an ad agency. I spoke with her afterwards and her advice was this, find what you’re passionate about and go after it, no matter the pay.


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