Resume Review

I recently attended a resume review with a senior recruiter at the AAFKC Career Day in Kansas City. The recruiter reviewed my resume and internship portfolio. She told me that objectives were no longer needed on resumes because employers know why you’re submitting your resume, they don’t need to be told it’s because you’re looking for an internship or part-time job. I thought that was interesting because almost all of my professors have suggested I include an objective on my resume before submitting it to a potential employer. She also pointed out that unless your GPA is 4.0 it’s not necessary to include. It made me feel better because she told me that in our industry employers want to see a candidate that is well-balanced, involved and a leader rather than a student who wasn’t involved but had straight As. I asked her for advice moving forward in my senior year and she told me it was very important I try and get as much experience as possible in the field. Like my contact at Fleishman-Hillard, she suggested I look for an internship second semester or next summer. I never knew seniors were still eligible for internships, I wish I had completed more than one. She also gave me the idea of going around asking local businesses if they needed any advertising or PR help. I’m going to offer my time and expertise, hoping to gain more experience. It was nice to have another set of eyes look over my resume, especially someone who is so experienced. She’s definitely going to be someone that I’ll  be contacting in the future. I can’t say enough good things about the AAFKC Career Day, I had the chance to meet with very influential people and received great advice.


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