7 Everyday Tips to Prepare for the Inevitable PR Crisis

In this article by Katie Kiley Brown, the reader learns about 7 everyday tips to help prepare for a PR crisis. It goes without saying, but as a PR professional you need to know how to handle a crisis. This article from prdaily.com lists great traits to prepare for a PR crisis. 

1. Be nice: Build good media relationships. Know your friends and enemies, Brown says you are a salesperson (kind of) and you need to sell your product. Having bad relationships could put a damper on your sale.

2. Look nice: If you want people to take you seriously, then look the part. If you look like a slob, people will think you are unprofessional. This one is kind of a no-brainer.

3. Be a beacon of trust: People need to be able to trust you. You will know very sensitive material about your client. You don’t want something to get out (that doesn’t need to come out), that may be damaging. 

4. Have backup childcare (if you have kids): A crisis can happen at anytime, make sure your kids are taken care of if you aren’t home for a while.

5. Play it safe with social media: This goes back to pictures taken where we all are now. Don’t have a Facebook picture of you getting tanked in Aggieville come back to haunt you as you give a press release on behalf of your client. 

6. Practice safe post-mortem: “It ain’t over ’til you decide it is,” says Brown. Let others know when things are bad and when they get better. Let everyone know you are on top of everything. A great thing to do as well; work with your fellow PR crew to find some human interest stories to keep around for when the crisis is over.

7. Study your craft: Follow other crisis in PR, and study them. Study national crisis and local crisis, and learn from them. Pay attention to what reporters ask, look for mistakes, and look for things people do right. Brown says to conduct mini case studies of stories pertaining to your field. 

Crisis can come at any time so it is vital that we are ready. If we conduct each day with these tips, we will have a leg up on the crisis. It was good to read that case studies are a critical piece of the PR practice. The cases we have talked about in class will help us in the future, just don’t stop looking at case studies when this semester ends!


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