Article: Managing client expectations: 6 guidelines for PR firms

Madison Debes

In this article by Gil Rudawsky the reader learns how to manage clients expectations on the social media aspect of their PR campaign. Rudawsky explains that every client dreams of being featured on shows such as “Ellen” for their social media but that they shouldn’t always expect that. As a PR pro you should proceed with caution so that clients understand realistic expectations.
Here are the 6 guidelines for managing client expectations:

1.) Big traditional media outlets are more difficult to get hits in, no matter how strong the news angle. Airtime, media space, and the number of journalists are shrinking, and so is the public’s attention span.

2.) Hits in traditional print media are becoming a rarity. As an alternative, focus on online or community news organizations and bloggers, or take the pitch straight to the consumer via social media.

3.) Local television is still a good option, but try to time the pitch right. For instance, avoid a conflict with NFL game day.

4.) Nothing replaces good stories and strong news hooks. These items are still the gold standard, and while it is harder to gain media interest, having this foundation will make it that much easier.

5.) Substance outweighs style. This means a pitch must be backed up with facts and not just a great lead and sound bites.

6.) Think outside of the traditional pitch. For instance, use a video news release or create an infographic to tell the story

Rudawsky concludes the article by explaining that the biggest misconception in PR is that any media coverage is good media coverage. I agree that that opinion is held with many people unfamiliar with PR strategies. But, Rudawsky explains that there is a strategy behind everything to get the best possible outcome for the client or company you are working for.


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