Article: Study: Audiences Favor Press Releases With Visuals

Madison Debes

In this article by Michael Sebastian the reader learns about how visuals can enhance press releases. A career in Public Relations can likely entail writing a large number of press releases. This article proves helpful for anyone looking to mix up the traditional press release format.

Personally, I have had experience writing press releases in school and at my internship last summer but I always search for tips on how to enhance my press releases. I found this article that explains that press releases with visual elements increases the visibility of a press release by nearly 10 times, according to a new study by PR Newswire.

According to the article, “Press releases that include a photo are 1.8 times as likely (an 80 percent increase) to be viewed as their text-only counterparts, the study found. Inclusion of a video makes the likelihood 4.3 times as much as for a standard release. Press releases with photos and videos are viewed 7.4 times as often as text-only releases.”

I have only had experience with text-only press releases and never considered including multimedia into the information. In today’s society, everything is so visual that it makes perfect sense that press releases should reflect that. I know that sometimes PR professionals have to send press releases to media and hope that they report on it. If the media had access to a release with content and pictures that would be easier for them to report on or publish your story.


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