How Twitter affects journalism

            I read an article on Ragan’s PR Daily website about how Twitter affects the news, according to journalists. The article’s author, Alan Pearcy, embedded a link to an Off Book PBS video in the article. The video was only five minutes long but very informative and interesting to hear journalist’s take on the advantages on Twitter. Three journalists were interviewed for the video and gave their opinions of how the journalism profession has been impacted by Twitter. News is a once a day product and there are so many good places to get news these days. The journalists in the video told the audience to think of journalism as an ecosystem. They went on to say that when Twitter first became popular, journalists knew it was a vehicle for self- promotion but later realized they could use it as a means of reporting. It has become a mechanism for collaboration and those that didn’t previously have a voice in the news can now be heard. Journalism is about performing a service and journalists are constantly asking themselves how they can add value to that. Although, admittedly, Twitter was a threat to journalism at first, many have agreed that it’s a huge source of information; journalism and Twitter go hand in hand. An advantage of Twitter is that you have a global resource that can fact check your process and help you create better news. Twitter has also increased the number of citizen journalists. Anyone can report on any topic and there’s no editing process. The reporters who excel at Twitter are those who see it as more than just a promotional platform, they understand that it’s a global conversation. The narrator of the video tells us that content isn’t only released in articles. Journalists have so many more options as technology continues to advance. 


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