Infographic: How to measure Facebook and Twitter ROI

The article is written by Kristin Piombino, she introduce  two methods you can use to put a numerical value on your social media efforts. 

The link of the article:

1. Use statistics.

Give your CEO a list of statistics that show how business and sales have grown with help from social media. Here are some real examples:

  • More than 90 percent of Foiled Cupcakes’ business comes from Facebook and Twitter.
  • Jimmy Choo earned a 33 percent increase in sneaker sales through a Twitter campaign.

2. Use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics’ social value feature connects Facebook and Twitter traffic with sales. The feature can tell you:

  • Your overall conversions.
  • Which social media visits led directly to a sale.
  • The amount of social media traffic that will lead to sales, but not immediately.

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