7 deadly sins of PR

1. Thinking like a journalist, but not as a marketer

PR practitioners need to understand both mindsets.

2. Hating math (my weakness)

In today’s business environment, measurement, analytics, and the ability to quantify results are essential.

3. Fearing to admit failure

We must have the confidence to admit failure, but we can never accept it.

4. Failing to measure

We must be able to quantify our work.

5. Chasing the shiny objects

At times, we will need to take big bets, but we must back the bets with research and analytics.

6. Suffering from an inferiority complex

We must educate ourselves on the other disciplines and understand the larger landscape.

7. Getting a (cheap) thrill from deadline pressure

We must plan ahead (as best we can) and align our efforts with the other disciplines.


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