8 ways to use Google Analytics beyond keywords

How we look at and use analytics is shifting.

Here are eight other ways to use Google Analytics:

Blog Ideas

By examining your top posts, you can start to see which content resonates most with your visitors. Take a look at which posts drove the most visits and engagement, had the lowest bounce rates, and which posts were shared the most.

Once you know what your audience likes, you can then create more content like that.

Geo-targeted content

Where are your publics located? Are you targeting them through search?

Search results are becoming more and more personalized and increased mobile searches are driving location-specific results.

Analytics will tell you where your publics are coming from.

Campaign tracking

Google Analytics allows you to track online campaigns simply by adding parameters to your links. You can track many different things but be specific when creating landing pages for each of your campaigns to ensure accurate tracking.

Social targeting and attribution

Google Analytics can provide you with a better look of how your social campaigns are affecting conversations. This might help show you what social media outlets are most valuable to you for every piece of content. Which helps you reach all your targeted publics even better.

Partnership and guest post opportunities

Third-party referrals can be a great place to find partnerships, affiliate, and guest posting opportunities.

Find out who is sending traffic to your site, what type of content they are sending traffic from, where they are sending it and why they are sending it.

This information can help you determine if you would like to build a relationship.

User paths

Do you know where your publics go once they navigate to your website? Do you know what pages your publics are visiting? Knowing this information can help you discover which pages are helping drive conversions and which pages might be hindering conversions. It can also help you discover numbers that will reflect your website more accurately.

With the visitors flow function and in-page analytics, you can actually see how visitors navigate your site. This will help you look into your website performance.

Landing page testing

Content experiments in Google Analytics let you test up to six variations of a landing page. This allows you to find out which of them perform the best.

Track abandonment

Google Analytics can show you how visitors are navigating through the checkout process and give information about any shopping cart abandonment issues. 

Google Analytics is more than just keyword data and can assist your business with a lot of information about your website and your visitors that can assist you with improving your online marketing strategy that works best for your business. 


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