Article: As concussion worries deepen with Chiefs tragedy, NFL must proceed cautiously

The latest news of linebacker Jovan Belcher has left Kansas City Chiefs with a flood of media. Not only are there positive and negative stories, but more outsiders have begun linking this incident to other issues. The New York Times reported from the scientific journal Brain, that 33 cases of NFL players after death were diagnosed with brain damage from concussions. PR Daily states, “The NFL now has to address whether it relates to the dangerous life of profession football players, and what the organization can do to safeguard the health and well-being of other players.”

The NFL needs to address this issue and immediately do something about it. The safety of these players continues to rest in their hands. Already players have been unhappy with their efforts. “The NFL is the target of federal lawsuits by more than 3,700 former players who allege that for decades the league failed to protect them from concussions and their long-term effects” ( PR Daily).

The Chiefs are doing a good job by addressing the importance of domestic violence, but I hope they continue to take care of their players as well.


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