Article: Twitter users welcome Pope Benedict to the site in bizarre ways

It all began this morning when I read a mutual friend’s Facebook post. “I can’t believe it. Pope Benedict the XVI has a twitter account!”

Was this really true? Could the Roman Catholic Pope really be tweeting about his daily affirmations? As a young Catholic I’ll be honest, I’m quite disturbed. I hardly ever tweet, but now the Pope does? I currently feel, this won’t go over well. Ragan’s PR Daily already comments about the issue, “Naturally, there have been an insane amount of hateful tweets directed toward the account already. By the looks of posts tagged #askpontifex, the Vatican social media team is going to have a tough time sifting through them to find any legitimate questions. The first comment that popped up was from “America’s transgender sweetheart,” asking whether the pope had seen any of her videos.”

I guess his twitter could be a good way of aiding the public (people enjoy spiritual messages), but I can’t imagine the Pope came up with the idea himself. The man is over 80 years old for crying out loud! Hopefully the account can be taken seriously by outside tweeters. I hope the best for the Pope!


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